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Covid Problems Need Hemp Solutions

Hemp… you know, the cannabis that can't get you high, right!? It should and it could offer solutions people urgently need during this global pandemic and shut-down environment.

Consider the incredible upside of a more mature and developed domestic US hemp industry by observing through the lens of its ability to solve problems we currently face in the current Covid-19 lock down experience:

Problem: Unprecedented job losses, small and medium sized business failures

Solution: Industrial hemp presents an array of opportunities for eco-friendly and purpose driven entrepreneurs and job seekers. Projected to create thousands of high paying jobs in the USA over the coming years in agriculture, manufacturing, research & development, medical, and nutritional sectors.

Problem: A severe shortage of facemasks, PPE, and reliance of imported raw materials to manufacture them.

Solution: Hemp has both natural antimicrobial and bacterial properties. It has high quality natural short and long fibers for different specialty non-woven textile and paper products which could increase production and diversification of the raw material supply chain and domestic production capability of PPE's.

Problem: Higher covid death rates caused by air pollution

Researchers from Harvard University have found that Covid 19 death rates increased by 15% in areas with higher levels of air pollution.

Solution: Hemp is one of the fastest growing plants, sequestering more carbon from the air than the agro-forestry industry, and a viable alternative to more carbon intensive synthetic material production processes.

Problem: There is a shortage in supply of toilet paper

Pulp, the only ingredient in toilet paper requires the destruction of forest and natural habitats. Suprisingly, the US imports much of its pulp from other countries which now have border crossing issues and are holding up increased production of toilet paper.

Solution: A renewable domestic supply of high quality hemp fiber for pulp, paper and packaging applications (and to replace single use plastics) would give farmers a new cash crop and would reduce supply chain issues for imported wood pulp.

Problem: Its difficult to eat healthy while in lockdown and potential protein shortages from meat plant closures.

Solution: Hemp seeds are both tasty and very healthy. The oil can be used as a food ingredient or in natural skincare products. Hemp seeds have more protein and less carbohydrates than other seeds or nuts, while delivering healthy omega 3-6 fatty acids.

So What Next?

Now more than ever, industrial hemp should be considered as a domestically produced, job creating, more environmentally friendly option as we face broken, risky global supply chains and growing geopolitical conflict.

Get involved to create a better ecosystem with hemp. Invest your time, energy, capital, or interest into a very timely and timeless solution to many of our industrialized world problems.

Hempgrid is here to help activate you or your company in the world of Hemp.

Take an interest in hemp and learn more about it.

Buy and try some all natural hemp products next time you are shopping online.

Start a hemp business.

Explore a career in hemp.

...or tell someone you love who is job hunting or soul searching to please take a look at this ancient, high-tech industry on-the-move with more purpose than just profits.