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Hempgrid harnesses the power of experience, technology, and optimization to accelerate the global hemp supply chain.
Solving global problems
with disruptive hemp technology

From ‘Science to Success’…we are a network of globally focused professionals keen to create beneficial relationships, disruptive technology, problem-solving tools, and best practices for hemp/cannabis investors, the hemp agribusiness industry, academia, and government while breathing new life into an ancient industry.

We are united by our passion for changing the world. As advisors, we want to tackle tough environmental, cultural, and economic challenges. As partners, we work with companies, governments, universities, and investors to understand how the hemp plant can play an important role in a new economy- and then we execute on these strategies. Our extensive network allows us to meet our clients’ needs wherever they are in the process, from securing funding to crafting a brand to manufacturing. Hempgrid’s vision isn’t simply to cultivate a thriving business – it’s to better the world.

We are relentlessly dedicated to our mission to achieve hemp adoption, combating complacency as an agent of change. Our goal is to promote the use of hemp as a groundbreaking alternative that can change the way companies do business.

Wondering how to plug into the grid?
Let us help you join the hemp supply chain.