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Vision = Imagination + Wisdom

By Ross Anderson, founding member, Hempgrid

What’s the definition of “vision?” It’s the ability think about or plan a future with imagination or wisdom. We’d like to think true vision depends on both the ability to dream, tempered with rationality.

If you are like many companies today, you are setting a vision for the future – likely one involving hemp (or why else would you be on this page?). And like many, you may be finding it vexing to get a clear vision.

For many, using our imagination isn't the problem. In these unprecedented times, hemp industry pioneers have spent plenty of time imagining "the new normal." We may see problems or opportunities (wait – aren’t the same thing?).

Do any of these sound like familiar “problem-tunities” influencing your imagination?

• A global Pandemic • Economic crises and unemployment • Racial Reckoning and Police Reform • Geopolitical Conflicts • Broken global supply chains

Is your imagination overwhelmed yet? Do you also see multiple different visions, depending on when, where, and how you are thinking about the present and the future?

Great. So let’s invite “wisdom” to the party. It’s all around us, but we don't naturally access, organize, communicate and harness it.

If you haven't documented your vision in writing or on a vision board, then do that. And then take the opportunity tap into the wisdom beyond that wide board. Start to weed out all those irrelevant visions your imagination has dreamed up. Here’s how:

• Document and organize the different aspects of your vision in a standard format.

• Share your vision with others that you trust or respect.

• Discuss, debate and listen to those “key advisors” you’ve identified. These can be family, friends, mentors and colleagues. And they’ve got your back – so let them have your ear. • Watch while your vision comes into focus. And then take action. Start up new, shut down old, or pivot to pursue a shift. Set out to make your vision real.

But what if your vision is wrong or you need to change it? That’s certainly possible. You can adjust your vision over time. Never be so stuck on what felt right that what actually IS right eludes you. This isn’t a vision test; it’s a process by which you step apart from today and imagine a new tomorrow. It’s not about guessing it right. It’s about taking intentional action and making necessary as you gain experience and feedback.

Documenting and communicating your vision will unite Imagination and wisdom. And you’ll find they are the best teammates you could ask for.